Every visual I've saved since 2009

I probably should’ve done this a long time ago and it’s only recently, where I found the courage to stop being a hoarder and decided to share.

Let me explain.

Most designers (probably most people even) have a stash of visuals they find on the internet to browse through later. Some are public, so everyone can see, but I imagine most have a private stash too. Maybe it’s just me but I can also imagine most people with these private stashes keep ‘em very close to their heart and desktop. That folder thus becomes a composite of your taste, it becomes highly personal which becomes practically un-shareable.

I was trying to figure out why I was so reluctant to share and I’ve come up with several reasons.

1. It’s deeply personal (it’s like someone browsing through your computer)

2. You get to judge me (I’m showing you my behind the scenes, not my highlight reel)

3. You won’t appreciate it because the download took you 2 mins but the gathering took years of constantly sourcing, depositing, and withdrawing from my visual memory bank

4. Scared of losing ideas

5. Scared that everything I ever made was probably a copy of a copy of a copy which makes me question my own creativity and originality (This is where Impostor Syndrome kicks you square in the fucking face.)

So for what it’s worth, this is my inspiration collection since 2009. It includes tumblr-babes, embarrassing screenshots, snippets of silly memes that i thought were funny at the time and saved, file dumps I needed to do to clean my desktop and whatever else. Anyways this sharing thing is more about me letting go, and I’m curious how it’ll affect me after this post. If at all.

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